Aroma Diffuser by PerfectAire


ScentAire Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

This essential oil aroma diffuser is designed and very suitable for use in varies environments. It can create an aromatic environment instantly at any place, such as in your living room, workplace, inside your car, or at your yoga room. It helps to promote overall well-being, stress relieving and better sleep.

• 10ml oil last up to 100 hours
• 80 hours max standby
• Intermittent mode: 15s/30s/150s
• 2 hours automatically off
• Coverage: Up to 25 sqm
• Small and portable
• Use in car, office, room.etc


1. Adopt cold diffusion technology
2. Convert oil to 1-3 Micron Size (particles)
3. Not using heat / water.
4. Maintain oil therapeutic properties
5. Easy for body to absorb

Use ScentAire with any of our 10 selected 100% pure essential oil to give you the full benefit of aromatherphy.

  • Details
  • .
  • Rated power:
  • 3W
  • Capacity:
  • 10ml
  • Weight
  • 200g
  • Area of coverage:
  • Up to 25 Sq Meter
  • Built in battery:
  • Max 80 hours standby time